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Canyoning is one of the latest adventuristic activities that offers us exploration of the phenomenon of untouched nature. In the canyon you have to walk, jump, swimm and climb what increases the challenge and adrenalin. On this unforgetable and unique adventure you will be followed by proffesional guides.

The visitors are welcomed within the hydroelectric power station Kraljevac (23 kilometres up to the road from Omiš, along the left coast of the river Cetina) from where they proceed by bus

Canyoning will try to get down along the cliff with the help of a rope (absail 35-50 m) while the others could take the detour in order to get to the bottom of the waterfall where they will have brake for light and nutritious lunch . At the final ending everybody will be allowed to get down along the 12 meters high cliff or to jump into the water from this or from the less height.

Shorts and T-shirts, trekking boots or strong sports' shoes is everything you need during your stay at the river. The rest of the equipment is provided by the organiser. Take the towel, dry clothes and the shoes you will put on after the trip. It is useful to be protected from the sun while at the river. If you want to take pictures, it is recommendable a waterproof camera

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